Earn Money Promoting SafeBet

Promote the number 1 AI sports picks software to your audience! SafeBet helps sports bettors worldwide with artificial intelligence to place bets on NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC and European Soccer games.
*68% win-rate in 2023

Become an Ambassador

We work with selected Kick Streamers

(Sports) Gaming

Streamers playing games like NBA 2k24, FC24, Gran Turismo and F1 Racing.


People playing Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots or sports betting.

IRL Streaming

Authentic IRL streamers who in some way have a connection to sports or tech. 

Earn recurring weekly/monthly revenue



Each streamer receives his unique URL landingpage where he can direct his audience towards. Equipped with tracking software you will receive a 30% commission on their subscription as long as it’s active.

Rewards for our top influencers

Receive free merchandise when you convert your 10th viewer to a SafeBet subscriber.
Climb the Affiliate Leaderboard and receive awesome monthly prices like tickets to NBA games and great media opportunities.

What is SafeBet?

SafeBet is an AI Software company. 
Our artificial intelligence has analyzed all NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC and European Soccer games in the past 3 years. Now, it’s able to make accurate predictions for what will happen in upcoming games. Making you a better sports bettor!

How can I promote it to my audience?

You are free to promote it in whichever way you think is most effective and suitable to your audience. Because in the end, you know your audience the best!

To help you out we issue Free AI Picks which you can share, Free Trails and Discount Codes.

Am I eligible to become an ambassador?

Please apply to discover if you are eligible, it only takes 3 minutes!
In general we only work with unique, creative and authentic streamers. That means you don’t necessarily need to have a big audience. If we see great potential, we love to invest in a partnership!

How much will I earn?
You will earn a 30% Affiliate Commission on each subscriber you refer to us.

We offer weekly and monthly subscriptions which means you will earn weekly/monthly as long as the person stays subscribed to SafeBet.

When and how will I be paid?

Payouts are managed by our partners at Sublaunch and Stripe.
There you will find an overview of all the people you have referred, still are subscribed and your earnings.
You can enter your bank details to receive payouts which takes around 10 days to process.

Apply to see if you’re eligible to become a SafeBet ambassador