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Earn passive income from betting on the Euro 2024 football tournament.

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Accurate football predictions with artificial intelligence


Know which country will win the game or if it will be a draw.

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Know what will happen during Euro 2024 with AI

One of the biggest sports tournaments in the world is being held in Germany with the Euro 2024. SafeBet uses state-of-the art machine learning algorithms to predict what will happen in the games.
Elevating your watch experience while we discover which country is the best football nation in Europe. While also helping you to make an extra buck out of it. SafeBet has been profitable every month of 2024 so far (54 units in profit total).

Don’t bet with emotions!
Earn money with AI mathematics.

SafeBet has analyzed over 20,000 games in 5 different sports. Our artificial intelligence is trained to make rational decisions based on the predicted outcome versus the betting lines. Leaving the emotional aspect out of it.

We delivered 1,433 Picks in 2023

  • Avg. AI Safe Score (2023) 81% 81%

* This number applies if you followed every pick in 2023 and adjusted your bet unit every month according to your new bankroll.
** AI Accuracy only looks at the probability of a certain outcome. Not taking into account the betting lines.

European tournament but for bettors worldwide!

SafeBet looks at the average betting lines of the 50 leading sportsbooks around the world. Using the average odds to base the calculations on.
We issue international lines in American, decimal and fractional odds. Making the Euro 2024 football games accessible to everyone around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’ve never played for a draw in my life.” – Alex Ferguson

How many Euro2024 picks will I receive?

On average, we issue 3 sports picks each day. The quantity of football picks depends on the AI Safe Score. We estimate sending around 2 football predictions a day. Besides football, you will also receive MLB and UFC picks on a daily basis.

Do you also issue picks for other sports?

Yes! We send NFL, NBA, MLB and UFC picks as well. During the months of June and July, you can expect to receive MLB and UFC predictions. Since the NBA and NFL are in off-season.

What if I only want football picks?

We only have one subscription, which will grant you access to all our sports picks. It’s not possible to only get predictions for a certain sport.

Am I guaranteed to win all picks?

No! Like the saying goes, the ball is round. We can’t guarantee what will happen. But our third party tracked results prove that SafeBet has been profitable on a monthly basis since its founding.

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Get access to all sports picks from SafeBet. Besides football (soccer), we also issue NBA, MLB, NFL and UFC picks.